Advertising Photography

Whether you’re an agency or in-house, your campaign has a lot of people to please. Creatives. Clients. Brand guardians. And most importantly, your potential customers. When the success of your hard work rests on an image that captures your brief perfectly, you need to know that you’re in the safest possible hands. That means a professional who gets the job done, no matter what.

Good ad photography is all about the brief. That means I’ll work with you to develop one, or immerse myself in your creative concept and follow your direction, all while keeping the brand’s look and feel in mind, as well as composition that allows for headlines and copy.

I think a previous client has summed up my approach the best ‘When you take an image and blow it up full screen or on a brochure and even the side of a building you need something else, something that says I am different - and that is exactly what Phil delivers for me every time. It's the unique brand that Phil gives your company. I knew that he told our story so well I sent Phil around the world twice to ensure all our images were at that high standard, and I would do it again.’