Lifestyle Photography

Good, non-stock lifestyle photography does a phenomenal amount to build a brand’s authenticity. But you’d be surprised to know how much technique is required to get shots that look timeless, spontaneous and natural! That’s why clients are still using my lifestyle images more than a decade after they were shot.

Lifestyle photography is the art of capturing the everyday. It’s bringing a feeling to life, but ensuring nothing looks posed, forced or faked. But behind the scenes is a whole different matter!

Whether it’s dangling 30 metres high on a climbing wall, camping on remote beaches to get the golden hour at dawn, or maintaining the attention and enthusiasm of a five year old during a long shoot, I will do pretty much anything it takes to get the right shot. Check out the commercial lifestyle work I’ve done for clients such as Sunsail Holidays, Haven Holidays,Cereberity Cruises Cow & Gate, Britax and more.