Location Photography

Have camera. Will travel. It’s a pretty good motto that’s lead to shoots everywhere from cruise ships in the Caribbean, beaches in California and sewage farms in Crawley. Well, it can’t always be glamorous, can it?

When it comes to shooting on location, you need to be prepared for anything and everything. Because unlike studio photography, it’s completely unpredictable. And that means you need lights, cameras and equipment that deliver the results you want, no matter what happens. Whether it’s the weather changing at the drop of a hat, hauling a three-seater sofa up two storeys and over a balcony because the front door was too small or casting models at the last minute, I’ve handled it all. What’s more, I’ve genuinely enjoyed it. Location work – particularly long shoots – is all about your attitude and I find you get a lot more good work done when you’re having a laugh.