Studio Photography

For any photographer, studio shoots give you complete control. At my own purpose built studio, I can literally turn day into night and night into day with my lighting gear, or create sets from the smallest tabletop to more elaborate builds. But I’m always happy to bring everything from my camera to a truckload of lighting rig to wherever the job calls.

With years of experience under my belt, I can help with every aspect of your studio shoot – including ones you may not have considered. I can design and build sets, source props and style scenes, cast and book models, find locations from building interiors to palm-lined sun-soaked beaches. I can work up a distinctive visual style or take the lead from your creative team, art direct and use bespoke light design. Equally, I can work with (or help you hire) stylists, designers and art directors for bigger jobs.

At my own studio on the south coast, I have access to amazing outdoor locations not available in London. You can walk out the door and see forests, farmland and beautiful coastal backdrops right on our doorstep.